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Boundary Surveys can only be carried out by Registered Surveyors – they serve to define the boundaries of a parcel of land using its legal description. These types of surveys may be required for fencing and boundary disputes – they also form an integral part of the other types of surveys listed below.


Subdivisions divide a parcel(s) of land into parts for separate use. We have the expertise and experience to carry out most type of subdivision, whether it be a two lot dual occupancy or a multi-lot development.


A Contour or Detail survey, otherwise known as a topographic survey is generally carried out before the design of a new development. Development applications on vacant lots of land and established properties seeking an extension or granny flat for example will need a detail survey for the design to be lodged to council.

Topographic plans show buildings and other structures, spot levels and contours to Australian Height Datum, location of trees, driveways, fences and retaining walls, drainage, sewer and other services including pipe invert levels, kerb heights, floor and ridge heights, fire hydrants, any other visible features on the site as well as the location of adjoining buildings.

Plans to be provided to our clients will also include vital requirements such as north point, AHD benchmark and will be provided electronically in both CAD and PDF files as well as in hard copy if required.


We cater for all types of building setouts from residential house extensions to multi-storey unit complexes.


We have extensive experience in performing these types of surveys – typically, they include: road setout, constructing digital terrain models, services setout, grid setout for bulk earthworks, piling and footing setout in addition to any other type of setout that may be required for a development.


A strata scheme is the development of land to allow multiple occupancy and ownership of individual units, or parts of a parcel, by separate individuals or companies. Creation of a strata scheme results in the issue of titles under strata scheme legislation. We have extensive experience in strata development and have a comprehensive understanding of the legislation.


Lease area surveys are carried out for commercial leases where payments are made on a per square metre basis. The majority of these surveys are completed in accordance with the Property Council of Australia’s (PCA) method of measurement, however we can measure the areas to any specific standard or instruction. All our lease area reports are accompanied with a sketch.


Identification surveys are usually carried out in relation to conveyancing and are principally used to identify the land and any improvements thereon. This may include the identification of easements, encroachments, compliance with any restrictive covenants that may be affecting the land and compliance with local government requirements regarding setbacks and boundary offsets.


These types of surveys are typically carried out to confirm that any new civil engineering works have been constructed or installed in accordance with the approved design. The Work as Executed Plan is often required as a development condition and is a fundamental part of the process in obtaining final certification in developments on all scales.


We are quite often asked to calculate the volumes of stockpiles of material or of material already excavated from a certain location. Our procedures for carrying out such surveys ensure accurate and dependable results.